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Part 31: Cheerios and a Valuable Revelation About Coffee Filters
There is currently a buy-one-get-one-free sale on the biggest size box of Cheerios at Key Foods. So I got two boxes along with a loaf of bread, some smoked oysters and some boneless turkey meat. When I was checking out, the cashier rang me up and gave me a price that was over $20. But then I handed her my Key Food Card and the price dropped down to about $15. The cashier said "Oh! That's very good!" And I said "Yeah! That is great!" pretending that it was news to me as well that my Club Card would save me $5.19. But I had done my homework, so I already knew what was coming.

However, the single thing that happened to me at Key Foods yesterday to save me the most money was not the sale on Cheerios. It was the acquirement of a little bit of wisdom about coffee filters.

I have long known that paper towels are an acceptable substitute for coffee filters when you are in a bind, and so I frequently go long periods of time using paper towels when I am between owning coffee filters, and everything turns out fine. But then I eventually buy more coffee filters and go back to the regular way of doing things. As I was walking around the Supermarket yesterday, it occurred to me that paper towels are a lot cheaper than coffee filters. Why would I ever buy coffee filters? Am I retarded? I am finished with coffee filters unless someone can give me a reason why they are better than paper towels.


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